Can I say something?

Alright guys, honestly?

Season 16.

Oh my god, season 16.

Is it possible for so many episodes to be so amazing? Is it possible for a show to stay this good after sixteen years? Is it possible for two men to be so amazing, so intelligent, so creative, so fucking hilarious?

Yes. Yes it is. South Park has proved that.

Here’s to Matt and Trey, another perfect season, and this whole fandom. I love you guys.


"Kyle… I love you, babe. You can run all you want, try to pretend you like girls… but dammit, when we kiss, there’s MAGIC. Don’t let it go, Kyle. I want to hold you every morning and love you every night, Kyle… I promise you nothing but love and happiness."
Eric Cartman, Cartman Finds Love (s16e7)

I have a great copy of the bullying song but wow no one is on to see it?

And I’m in the middle of a move so I can’t really post it later. 

WELP. I sure love being the only mod.

But hey, you guys have enough copies of the song on your dash as it is, right? I just need it for the song tag.

This season has certainly given us a whole bunch of new songs to post already, hasn’t it?

I’ll probably post them during the break; I want to find my own versions to make sure they’re all quality for you lovely bastards. Then the “South Park Songs” tag will just be even better.

Submissions, as always, are highly welcome. Just make sure to get the quote right and I’ll have it up shortly.


"We’re dealing with a creature that drinks blood, hides in the night, and has absolutely no belief in the divinity of Christ."
Eric Cartman, Jewpacabra (s16e4)


"Happy Passover, Kyle."
Eric Cartman, Jewpacabra (s16e4)
Craig: Hey, did you guys see today's newspaper?
Cartman: Why would we look at the newspaper, retard?

Wow I sure suck at updating blogs!

Submissions are always welcome. I’m in the middle of a move so I don’t really have the time to dig up scripts and watch episodes, though I would love to. So feel free to help out!

Also, 233 followers. Wow. I love you guys. <3


"I guess the only thing that doesn’t change in life is that things change."
Eric Cartman, Faith Hilling (s16e3)